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Stephanie's Newsletters are designed to give her readers a Heads Up Alert when a new Stephanie Laurens book goes on the shelves. Newsletters are sent at the beginning of the week in which a new book goes on sale, contain up-to-the-minute information as to release date and availability of the book, and also contain the latest inside information on releases yet to come.

In addition, in order to keep readers up to date, there will be a total of 6 newsletters a year. All issues will contain exclusive material, such as sneak peeks into upcoming works, entry into exclusive sweepstakes and exclusive special offers. In the ever changing world of publishing, joining this list will ensure that, no matter what comes, you will never miss a Stephanie Laurens' release.

Please note that many email servers, such as Google or AOL now filter your emails and drop our newsletter into your promotions or spam folder. To ensure you are kept up to date, you will need to search and find the newsletter. In addition, if you do not open the newsletter over the course of three newsletters, our system may drop you off the list. However you can always re-sign back up or contact us for assistance. Unfortunately technology these days can create inconveniences so please be aware! 
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